Deep Trap 2015 Full Movie Online

We frequently seek for new Asian (non-Indian) films on websites like kissasian and dramanice. This was classified as “Deep Trap” on IMDb, and I had trouble finding it. I was itching for a graphic and explicit thriller, so I considered giving the intriguing notion a go. I’m a little satisfied, but because it hasn’t been reviewed yet, I’m writing one now.

Deep Trap 2015 Full Movie Online

A miscarriage has left married couple Kwon Joon-sik and Lee So-yeon distraught and unhappy; Joon-sik also experiences transient sexual difficulties as a result. They choose to take the day off and go for a change of scenery to a restaurant situated on a secluded island. Park, the proprietor of the restaurant, is a massively built, eerie guy who is accompanied by the attractive but silent Min Hee. Later in the movie, it becomes clear what secrets they all have and what evil plans Psycho Park has for the couple.

The movie takes about thirty minutes to get going and get real exciting, but I don’t mind at all. The acting is also competent, ranging from good to mediocre. It’s not exactly a suspenseful thriller, but it’s still rather good. In keeping with its Korean heritage, it features a few explicit sexual scenes, including one quite violent rape scene. Even though the outcome was quite obvious, it was still entertaining.

A young couple’s love is about to crumble, so a stranger offers to assist by taking them on a vacation on a secluded island. Although at first he appears like a decent host, the couple begins to fear that he has far darker motives.

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